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$5.00 - Submission
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If you are ordering an issue with your submission, be sure to state this in your cover letter.

What is Resistance? That is the question LUMINA Vol. XVII seeks to answer. Our theme of resistance can mean resisting political powers, social norms, destructive impulses, negative influences, the desire to give up, or something else. Tell us what resistance means to you.

Here, in our multimedia section, we want to explore new avenues in writing, art, and sound, as well as the overall materials and aesthetics of LUMINA.  

We’re looking for unique fiction, poetry, non-fiction, visual art, music, and audio art. This could include readings of any work, but please feel free to get creative! All genres are welcome; slam poetry, script-work and radio dramas are encouraged.

Here’s the twist: Every visual and written work will be paired with an audio component. The art and writing will be printed in the physical issue and will be twinned with the audio accompaniment through the Layar app. Either send us an audio file that you have created along with your writing or artwork, or we will pair your work with another artist or writer who has also been chosen for publication. If you do not have an audio file, or have an audio file (such as a podcast, recorded poetry, etc.) but not a visual or written piece, then we reserve the rights to link your work with another artistic component. 

Some examples (but don't let these limit you!): 

  • You reading your poetry. 
  • A self-produced song to go with your writing. 
  • A photo-essay with a voice overlay. 
  • A radio drama with a script excerpt.

Submission Guidelines:

-Your submissions must reflect the theme.

​-Previously published works are not welcome, but simultaneous submissions are okay. Just let us know if​ the work is accepted elsewhere.

​-Prose under 1,000 words.

​-Submit both audio and written work together.

-You must hold the rights to everything you submit. Please do not send us a copyrighted song with your short-story. We cannot accept it.

We will also accept Multimedia submissions on submittable through our “Tip Jar,” “Submit + Back Issue,” and “Submit + Current Issue” options. Just click “Media Chapbook” when prompted for genre.

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